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If you think golf carts are only for the golf course, think again! In cities big and small, people across the country are discovering just how handy a customized golf cart can be, whether they play golf or not.

In Charleston, SC, custom golf carts make it easy for college students to traverse around campus and families to haul their kids and sports gear to the park. If you live near shopping areas or restaurants, you can save on gas by taking your electric golf cart instead of your car.

Electric golf carts are economical, fun to drive and easy to park due to their compact size. Custom golf carts come with bells and whistles that make them even more suitable and adventurous for the great outdoors. Whether you customize your current golf cart or invest in an already customized model, you can look forward to enjoying this source of transportation for years to come. Here are a few ways golf carts can be customized to enhance their effectiveness and performance.

Golf carts are a great way to traverse through a golf course, which can be as big as 150 acres of land. But in some neighboring communities, the golf cart is more than just a tool of convenience; it is a dedicated mode of transportation. Charleston, Isle of Palms, Mount Pleasant, and Daniel Island are four places in South Carolina that are known for its community of golf cart users. With such a thriving community of golf cart users, many have taken the initiative to modify and customize their ride to make them more fun, enjoyable, and efficient. Here are some of the more popular modifications.

Customizing Charleston Golf Carts

Windshields. If you are going to visit Folly Beach or Daniel Island, then a windshield can help keep the sun and sand away from your eyes. A windshield is rather easy to install and its benefits are straightforward, but for some reason, some owners tend to forget the quintessential windshield and how it can benefit leisure rides around South Carolina’s beaches.

Off-road Tires

Most golf cart wheels have a diameter of about 7 to 8 inches. While most golf cart wheels have ridges designed to grasp on turf, it will not be adequate for challenging terrain. If you’re going to take your golf course on paved roads, sand, or dirt, then an upgrade will be a worthwhile investment. Off-road tires help you in the tougher terrain that comes with driving on unpaved roads, the woods, or visiting the beaches.

Custom Paint Jobs

Customizing your golf cart is a way to express your individuality, especially since a golf carts’ form factor is similar, regardless of brand. The color of the golf cart is an obvious and apparent way of self-expression. Keep in mind that lighter color golf carts tend to be a bit cooler during the summer months since the pale colors can reflect more light.

Lift Kits

There are different types of lift kits for golf carts that will allow it to tackle difficult terrain. Drop spindle lift kits are one of the more popular ones since they are easy to install and utilize your cart’s standard suspension. These are designed give your cart a wider stance and increased stability in challenging terrain. With the wider stance, your cart can be retrofitted with custom parts.

The wider stance in the spindle allows it to fit larger and taller wheels. A-Arm kits are a bit more involved since it requires a total re-haul of the golf cart’s front suspension. However, with A-Arm lift kits, you’re almost guaranteed a smoother and more comfortable ride compared to your stock set up.

Audio Systems

A fully loaded golf cart stereo system will transform your cart into an entertainment system on wheels. The golf cart stereo system will include a receiver, speakers, console, and all of the wiring. If you have your own stereo gear, they can be fitted with dash kits that come assembled with pre-cut openings. Alternatively, you can customize what type of stereo system you want for easy installation by a third-party.

Street Legal Golf Carts and Charleston SC

In Charleston and surrounding communities, there are a few prerequisites when it comes to having a golf cart be street legal. Golf carts are deemed motorized vehicles, so they are subjected to the mandates of a typical car. This means that only a licensed driver over the age of 16 is legally allowed to drive a golf cart on public roads.

If the golf cart is only going to be used on private property, then registration isn’t required. However, if you are customizing and modifying your golf cart, then it is assumed that you are going to hit the road to show off your creation. In that case, it is necessary for you to register the golf cart with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. A street legal golf cart needs headlights, taillights, and blinkers like any other motor vehicle.

If you’re interested in making your golf cart street legal, or perhaps modify your current golf cart so that it shows your personality, then contact us. Our company builds and sells custom golf carts, catering to the Charleston, South Carolina area and surrounding communities.

Jack It Up!

Whether you’re driving your golf cart around town or off-road, adding a lift kit to your vehicle will enhance your driving experience. Lift kits are designed to lift your vehicle higher so it doesn’t drive so close to the ground. This will protect the underside of your vehicle when driving on country roads or over rough terrain. Lifted golf carts exude a rugged appearance that many people find appealing. Lift kits also provide a valuable function in giving you greater tire options.

Lifted golf carts can take the larger sized, heavy duty tires needed for off-road terrain. If you plan to use your golf cart on rugged country roads, you’ll appreciate having resilient, deep tread tires that can handle the beaten paths you want to explore. Durable, off-road tires will enhance safety and performance on rugged terrain and enable you to carry heavier loads without worrying about flats or blowouts.

When selecting golf cart wheels and tires, consider how you will use your vehicle. Street tires are perfect for pavement driving. Off-roading, however, requires custom tires that can tackle tough environments.

Put in Extra Seating

Extra seating provides another aspect of customizing your golf cart. By putting in extra seating, you add more room for passengers and/or equipment. When not carrying people, these rear-facing seats can be folded down flat to carry goods. Extra seating makes it easier to use your golf cart for family outings, company events or to take your friends out to lunch.

Boost Your Battery

You can customize a golf cart by boosting battery power. If your cart currently uses a 34V battery, you can up it to a 48V battery to improve speed and performance.

Crank up the Volume!

If you’re into music, you’ll love what golf cart audio systems have to offer. By installing a set of Bluetooth speakers in your cart, you can listen to top tunes while driving around town. If you invest in weatherproof speakers, you won’t have to worry about your equipment getting ruined if it rains.

Mountable golf cart speakers offer another option for enjoying your favorite music as you drive. Depending on the brand you buy, you can get up to 20+ hours’ worth of easy listening pleasure.

Install a Golf Cart Cooler

If you use your cart a lot for summer driving, you’re bound to get hot and thirsty. A built-in, beverage cooler will keep your refreshments nice and cold until you’re ready to drink, without taking away seating space.

Customize Your Golf Cart Look

Last, but not least, for a truly personalized golf cart experience, customize the look of your vehicle with unique graphic designs that reflect your personality and character. Through the use of graphics, you can make your golf cart stand out from the crowd. Graphic decals are fairly inexpensive and you can choose from a wide variety of styles and designs. Once you get tired of a certain look, you can easily change your design by removing old decals and putting on something new.

A custom paint job offers an alternative to graphics in personalizing your golf cart. Customized painting, however, will be a more expensive and permanent option for giving your cart the unique look you desire.

From economical transport to exciting off-road driving, custom golf carts offer something for everyone to enjoy in your town of Charleston, SC


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